Who Is Jay The Barber

Jay the barber was born and raised in New York City. He developed a passion for cutting hair at the age of 15 and worked his way from the bottom of the barbering industry to the very top. By the age of 25, he gained enough clients to open up his first barbershop. He decided to merge his already established clothing store with the barbershop. In 2008, Jay the Barber decided to display his talent to the world on youtube.com. The response, love and reviews were so phenomenal that his overwhelming fan-base motivated him to create a barbering instructional DVD called Barber Quest.

To this day, Barber Quest is one of the number one barber instructional DVDs on the market. In 2009, Barber Quest part two followed and things went very well for the combo DVD set. By then, Jay was knee-deep in the barbering industry and knew he had to do more.

That same year he sat down with some of the best cosmetic chemists in New York City to come up with his shaving products E-Z Blade and E-Z Blade After Shave. In 2010, he decided to branch out with one of the best hair design barbers in the industry: Joe the Barber of San Antonio, Texas known for his ESPN sports channel featuring Michael Jordan images cut into the client’s hair. Together, Joe the Barber and Jay the Barber developed the DVD Barber Quest III and it is one of the best selling barber design DVDs to date.

Currently, Jay the Barber remains humble while continuing to persevere with a passion for teaching. Given the thousands of people who have thanked him for his instructional DVDs, Jay has learned that there is more work to do.

He teaches barber classes for barbershops, salons and schools. In addition, he offers one-on-one, personalized barber classes. Jay the Barber has touched the hearts of many and will continue to change the barbering industry as you know it.